Website Monitoring with UPTIME360

Business owners need to grasp the concept that their website has to be always accessible and visible at any time of the day to be labeled as a successful website. It will be quite detrimental to your business if your website suffers from server downtime. Time is money, as the proverb states you will lose money for every second your website is down. The loss might be such that your business might never come to its past glory. You may lose potential new customers to your competitor. The consequences are even worse for new businesses. 

So hopefully further explanation is not required to emphasize how important it is to monitor your website. UPTIME360 provides you with real time monitoring of your website and automatically notify you about . As a result, you can solve the issues regarding website downtime as soon as possible and minimize the downtime damage to your business.

You can get a general overview of a website added into your website observation list. Here you can monitor over the overall performance of your website at any given time.

UPTIME360 also provides you with access to a detailed log about the website performance related information.

Adding one of your websites for monitoring from the dashboard is quite easy. You have to provide some basic information related to your website and choose a delay duration. You can set the delay duration to your liking. And that’s it!

You can also adjust the alert triggering mechanism based on your desired load time and occurrence frequency. You can also decide which team members of yours will receive the alert from the same place.