Server Monitoring with UPTIME360

A major drop in productivity can be caused by server downtime. Server downtime significantly disrupts daily business activities. So it is quite clear that proper monitoring of servers are of real importance to identify underlying server related health issues. If not monitored appropriately then these issues may become detrimental to the growth and  even survival of your business. 

With an effective server health monitoring platform, you can successfully take necessary measures to limit the consequences of server downtime. And that’s where UPTIME360 comes in.

UPTIME360 provides you advanced server health and performance monitoring, that helps you to observe every factor with detailed insights. This information gives you good insight regarding the health of each server.

UPTIME360 monitors each of your servers across your IT network infrastructure in real time. If any issue becomes apparent regarding any component of your servers, then you will be notified instantaneously in advance.

CPU plays a vital part in server performance. You can easily monitor CPU load and the usage of each server cores in real time. An overview of the CPU load over a period of time is available to you to give you an understanding of the overall pressure and usage of the CPU.

Like CPU, RAM is also a pivotal part in any server. RAM is a quick access storage of data that is rapidly retrieved or stored by the CPU with ease. During high traffic a lot of pressure could be imposed on RAM as it runs out of available free memory. So it is crucial to monitor usage of RAM at any given point. UPTIME360 helps you to observe the overall usage of RAM.

A disk in a server can be referred to as a data warehouse which is used to store data and contains all the applications. If a disk runs out of space or worse, if the disk crashes the flow data will be drastically hampered and the users won’t be able to exchange data with the server. UPTIME360 provides you a real time observation of the usage of disks.

Monitor the behavior of your servers over different types of network. It is a must to be always updated with the network’s performance and usage. Slow or failing systems can be detrimental to your business. UPTIME360 makes an overall performance overview of a server over a network available at your disposal.

Observe all the processes running on your servers in real time.

Customize the alert generating mechanism according to your own preference or priority. Setup server resource monitoring thresholds as per to your requirement. UPTIME360 provides you with various choices over the resources you want to observe. You can also decide which type of alert is received by which of your teammates.