Realtime notification in UPTIME360

A successful business nowadays highly depends on how successful a website is. A website is a doorway to the merchandise or services you offer in the modern time. So an always available and accessible website is a must to succeed in the current marketing environment. So if your website is down you will fall behind against your competitors. The consequences are immense, sometimes irreparable. 

Detecting incidents, generating proper response and timely remediation is a must in monitoring a system effectively. The rapid identification of the issue and generation of alert context in real time makes the process of resolving the issue easier and limits possible damage to a business.

Uptime360 has a very responsive and perfectly tuned notification system that will help our users to stay up to date with real time anomaly alerts.

UPTIME360 helps to detect in which exact corner your load time can be refined, with substantial data including DOM duration, render duration, time to first byte and page ready time. Also you can track which browsers and operating systems your users use to access your website and how fast your website loads for each of them. You can monitor the mobile experiences of the visitors by inspecting load times from who access your websites from their mobile device.

UPTIME360 also provides a full overview of visited pages by users. You can determine by the comparison of performance to pinpoint problem pages. Multiple channels of communication, like email, Slack, Twitter are made available to you to send alerts at real time about any incident.