Managing profile in UPTIME360

Managing your profile related information in UPTIME360 is quite easy. A straightforward profile management panel is available for you for updating general information about yourself just like any other website. You can upload an image as your profile display, contact information and password update without any hassle. But that’s not all! It does not end with just profile management.

UPTIME360 facilitates you with other beneficial tools that help you to monitor your account and project related information. You can add the projects that you want to monitor from settings and make the projects available in the rest of the system to be monitored.

UPTIME helps you to maintain the information of your teammates who are involved in services you provide. You can create access to the system for them from the dashboard. They can log into the system and observe the behavior of your systems. This makes it easier for them to find out issues and monitor if the solution they came up with actually has a positive impact on your system. These information about your teammates are also used to send incident based notifications or any other types of alerts to them.

You can also track the overall activity through a detailed log.