Advanced Checking With UPTIME360

UPTIME360 enables you to monitor your system which makes up all your necessity. 

Uptime provides you the ability to project specific monitoring over any of your domains. You can monitor over SMTP, POP3, IMAP servers. Port specific monitoring over TCP, UDP can be achieved quite easily. From one spot you can also do ICMP(ping) and DNS lookup. You can determine the thresholds for the timeouts and interval period of every check.

You can monitor over the performance based on the latency over a period of time. A detailed log over all these checks are available at your convenience.

You can also customize the alerts to your liking or necessity. You can set up the response time delay and occurrence limit for initiating an alert trigger. You can also determine which of your teammates will receive what kind of alerts to disburse workload equally or to their speciality to resolve the underlying issue.